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Phone : Albert : +41 79 100 63 15/ David : +41 79 889 21 75

rider / tech

RIDER TOUR DETAILS The team consists of five people;
We are traveling with a van, please provide a safe parking space;
We ask for a heated place for the whole team to sleep,with access to a shower;
We accept the stamp in cash only. Transfer possible, on request.
STAGE The group consists of four musicians on stage and a sound engineer;
We ask for one hour of soundcheck, assembly / disassembly included; If it is not possible,
a 15mn linecheck is enough for us CATERING / MEALS For catering,
what you can offer us will be more than enough for us,
but at least sufficient water, soda and beer;
We ask for five hot meals, served at least 1 hour before the show; no vegetarians / vegans;
MERCH In the room we need a table space of 1m x 1m and if possible a lighted wall space.

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